VSing Symphony: Harmonizing Festivities Across Hong Kong and Macau with 12 Vibrant Outlets in the Mix

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3 min readDec 21, 2023

Written By: Dr. Amanda Lim, Jayden Li

In the rhythm of Hong Kong’s beating heart, VSing is poised to elevate the celebrations of ‘Night Vibes Hong Kong,’ a harmonious blend of music and community that resonates with the city’s vibrant spirit. As a distinguished Cyberport startup and a beacon of innovation aligning with government initiatives, VSing proudly announces the imminent opening of its 11th outlet in Hong Kong and the 1st outlet in Macau, scheduled for December 2023, contributing to a grand total of 32 outlets across Asia.

A Resounding Success and the Promise of Vibrant Nights

Surveying the symphony of success VSing has orchestrated over the past 12 months in Hong Kong, it’s clear that the city has embraced the revolutionary Sing-to-Earn model. More than a music hotspot, VSing has become a catalyst for economic growth and community engagement. Looking ahead, the December 2023 outlet promises to be a pivotal addition, enriching the city’s nightlife and providing an extraordinary platform for both seasoned performers and budding singers.

VSing: Igniting Global Musical Waves

Venturing beyond local triumphs, VSing has its sights set on the global stage, with aspirations to penetrate the USD30 billion global music industry market. It’s not just about creating ripples; VSing is orchestrating a global wave of transformative musical experiences.

Join the VSing Celebration This Festival Season!

As Hong Kong gears up for festive celebrations, immerse yourself in the vibrant ‘Night Vibes Hong Kong’ events with VSing. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or an aspiring singer, our unique platform awaits, promising a night of music, connection, and unforgettable moments. Come and be a part of the grand symphony as we harmonize the world through the universal language of music. Let the melodies of VSing become the soundtrack to your festive celebrations. Join us and make your moments unforgettable!

Have you downloaded the VSing mobile app? If no, remember to download the app and do the registration to pick an outlet to visit: https://vsinghk.com/download-vsing-app/