VSing: Celebrating the Triumph of the Sing-to-Earn Model and Nurturing 30,000 Talents Worldwide

ACH Worldwide Ltd
2 min readDec 20, 2023

Written By: Dr. Amanda Lim, Jayden Li

VSing takes immense pride in championing the unique Sing-to-Earn model, a distinctive approach that not only magnifies the success of venues but also serves as a global stage for talented singers worldwide. This transformative model empowers individuals to showcase their skills, gain exposure, and take significant strides toward realizing their dreams.

The Sing-to-Earn model at VSing has redefined the singing experience, offering an interactive platform where everyone, regardless of background or experience, has the opportunity to shine. The combination of offline and online audience engagement creates a dynamic ecosystem where audiences actively support singers by sending virtual gifts.

What truly sets VSing apart is its interactive and rewarding system for users. This monetization gameplay not only generously rewards singers but also ensures worldwide cover song copyright compliance. The innovative approach not only reshapes the landscape of online entertainment but also creates a mutually beneficial environment for performers and their audiences.

VSing’s concert initiatives, notably successful in Malaysia, have showcased outstanding performances by renowned artists such as VCHUAN 陈威全, DIMASH 迪玛希, 聚驹, A-Mei 张惠妹, Priscilla 蔡恩雨, and PowerStation 动力火车. These events not only highlight the immense talent on the VSing platform but also generate additional revenue for organizers and singers through live interactive engagements during performances. This success underscores the growing influence and popularity of VSing, with more engaging activities set to launch in Hong Kong in the future.

The recent success of the first VSing singing competition in Hong Kong, held in November 2023, is a powerful illustration of the effectiveness of the Sing-to-Earn model. A participating singer received over two hundred thousand VGem for singing just one song, earning a split of over one thousand USD immediately. This competition marked a significant milestone, contributing to the development of more than 30,000 talents worldwide.

This success story is a testament to the celebration of dreams coming true and the incredible power of community. VSing extends its heartfelt gratitude to all participants for being an integral part of this musical journey. As we continue to keep the music playing and the dreams soaring high, VSing remains committed to nurturing talent and fostering a global community united by the love of music. 🏆🎶💖