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Eggplant Technology, which is a fitness software company, provides yoga and exercise courses in the form of online videos through a mobile application, named ‘Move It’. Once the ‘Move it’ app is downloaded into a mobile device, it will adopt a human posture analysis system to capture the players movement via the cameras, by identifying 13 nodes of human skeleton and capturing their movements. The app generates movement analysis and provides interactive guidance in real time. In the ‘Move It’ app, we can find cardio, boxing, aerobic, dancing and yoga courses. Through the mobile camera, it can study the motions of users and provide instant feedback guidance. As a result, players can have a proper physical training as an AI trainer will always be present when starting the app.

Sport equipment with Internet-of-Things

Eggplant creates smart fitness equipment, such as dumbbells and boxing gloves, with Internet-of-Things (IoT) installed. Movement sensing chips are embedded in the equipment in order to collect data of motion dimension, frequency, volatility, etc. The application receives the data instantly, displays the information on a mobile device to help users track how many rounds have completed, how many calories have been burnt and how much time is required to achieve optimal result in their exercises.

Revolution in fitness market

IoT is making a new trend in the fitness market. People are becoming more health conscious in the pandemic. Many are doing fitness exercise daily at home. Together with IoT powered devices, people can adopt a healthier lifestyle now. With the advanced sensors in the training equipment, people can record exercise data, including heart rate, pulse, metabolism figure, amount of calories burnt and the progress of exercise information. They can even wear devices at night to capture their sleep patterns data for further health analysis. All of their digital health reports will be kept in the cloud servers at minimal cost and will be able to be retrieved whenever they want. Cloud based IoT equipment and AI technology have made sports cheaper, easier, safer and more effective.

The global IoT in healthcare market was valued at USD 113.75 billion in 2019 and is project to reach USD 332.67 billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 13.2% from 2020 to 2027, according to Allied Market Research (

Furthermore, Eggplant has also developed a new software for trainers to make teaching videos of their exercise programs. The videos will then be uploaded and shared on its mobile application easily. With this new development, Eggplant is able to partner with many trainers in different countries, film various workout programs and acquire a lot more new customers from the network of those trainers. These trainers also have a new channel to interact with their customers. Eggplant has the opportunity to expand overseas and establish new customer groups to sell online videos as well as its movement sensing equipment. In the past, the income from teaching a private class was limited. Hopefully, by utilizing this new development, all trainers could increase their customer base, provide training to many more customers simultaneously in order to generate higher income.

Workout video of Eggplant

Excitement of virtual fitness

Virtual fitness applications have already triggered a new revolution to the fitness industry. People are not only able to obtain instructor guidance anytime but also are able to invite friends to do jogging, dancing, cardio or yoga together in the virtual space. Friends can have much more interactions no matter where they actually locate.

Technology is advancing rapidly, and people are looking forward to the internet 3.0, Metaverse. Metaverse is a Wonderland in the digital world, which will bring players into a virtual fantasy environment such as a cartoon scene or beautiful landscape. Doing physical exercise will be just as fun as playing video game. We are all waiting to join a new kind of fitness training with an interesting virtual idol and enjoy a new immersive experience. Friends can meet and do exercise together in the metaverse world. Do you feel the excitement to workout physically in the Metaverse ?

Written by Ms. Florence Ip. Edited by: Dr. Kyle Wong

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