Olympic Games inspire People to Exercise in Pandemic

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4 min readAug 15, 2021


206 countries had sent athletes to Tokyo to compete in the 2021 Olympic Games. The athletes brought a lot of fun and excitement to all the sport lovers in the lockdown world. The Olympics remind everyone that sport is not only for the world’s best, but to every person who values their health. Many people are following the Olympic spirit to stretch their arms and legs. During the pandemic, many swimming pools, fitness centers and sport centers are closed for business. The number of visitors per day is limited in order to reduce the spread of virus in public. Most of the members of gyms cannot meet their trainers or use the facilities. At the same time, the pandemic reminds people that they have to stay healthy to fight against the Coronavirus. Being suppressed in a lockdown environment without physical connection, people can easily fall into depression. Exercise not only improves body fitness but also strengthens mental health. Jogging in the neighbourhood and exercising at home have become a common trend all over the world.

Before the pandemics, people often could only get professional fitness advice from trainers at the gyms. Members provide their personal data, including age, weight, height and health information to the trainers, who will design custom exercise programs to meet their needs. Nonetheless, hiring a personal trainer may not be affordable for every member. Members may get injured when they operate fitness equipment without proper training.

In addition, the location of the gym may be far from home and office, so travelling long distances can discourage people from going. Interestingly, some members are not comfortable to visit in their gyms, as they feel inferior about their ordinary bodies compared to other muscular bodies. In fact, they would rather not visit their gyms even with yearly membership fees fully paid.

Exercising at home is becoming more and more common all over the world. YouTube videos about yoga, pilates, dancing courses and other fitness exercises allow people to exercise in their home. They can follow the instructors inside the videos repeatedly. However, those exercises are created for the general public and are not custom made to any individual, which limit their effectiveness. Eventually, they will feel bored and frustrated because of no significant improvement after several months of hard work.

Nowadays, using advanced technology together with artificial intelligence ‘AI’, people can exercise at home effectively and safely. Users can input their personal data, such as age, weight and height into their digital personal fitness application on their mobile devices. The application will analyze their health condition and customize the most appropriate workout to the users. The application can also consider the daily workload of the players in order to tailor made training for that day. For example, if a user exercises late at night, the application will provide a more gentle course for the user to relax before they go to bed.

Some AI physical trainers will utilize the vision sensor on mobile devices to capture the posture of the user during the training course. It will perform movement analysis of the user in order to provide posture correction as well as feedback. The AI trainer can act like a personal trainer anytime and anywhere. When an AI trainer learns more about the user’s daily habits, it will be able to generate performance reports and design the most suitable fitness program for users. Furthermore, users can achieve the ultimate effectiveness if their AI trainer is integrated with the nutrition app which can suggest the right diet for players everyday.

As a result of Covid-19, the demand for digital fitness is increasing. The movement from traditional gyms to digital gyms is not temporary. People are staying at home and adopting their new normal living style with more digital sport equipment.

The global online and virtual fitness market was valued at USD 6 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach at USD 59 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 33.1% from 2020 to 2027, souring from Allied Market Research (https://www.alliedmarketresearch.com/virtual-online-fitness-market ). In 2021, the digital fitness market of the United State is valued at USD 1 billion and estimated the total opportunity within the country to be USD 15 billion.

Hong Kong Univisual Intelligent Technology Limited and Eggplant Software Technologies Limited have been applying AI and advanced technologies to facilitate the fitness industry, enabling all sport players to enjoy professional training anywhere and anytime.

Written by Ms. Florence Ip. Edited by: Dr. Kyle Wong

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