Newsight Imaging Company Roadshow @ Cyberport

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3 min readJul 27, 2021

On July 19, ACH Worldwide and Normsun organized a NewSight Imaging company presentation at Cyberport in Hong Kong. NewSight Imaging is an Israeli startup specializing in CMOS sensor technology. Approximately 100 people in attendance, in person and online. The event included a series of presentations outlining the potential for the Israeli technology market, investing in Israel, the size of vision sensors market, experience in investing in Israeli company, and the potential listing of NewSight Imaging.

Among the speakers were the Commission Consul and Head of Economic and Commercial Mission, Consulate General of Israel in Hong Kong, Mr. Yoav Haimi; Mr. Eli Assoolin; CEO & Co-founder of Newsight Imaging; Mr. Ranen Cohen-Orgad; CEO Leader Underwriters, a leading investment bank in Israeli; Dr. George So, a Newsight Board Member, Director of Innovative Thinker HK Ltd, and Chairman & Co-founder of AI Innobio Limited; and Dr. Kyle Wong, Project Director at ACH Worldwide Limited and President of Association of Blockchain Development.

Dr. Amanda Lim, founder of ACH Worldwide, noted, “We are very pleased by the participants’ responses to our event and the exciting investment potential offered by NewSight and its proprietary imaging technology. From applications in automobile driverless technology to high sensitivity spectrometry in diagnostic and disease monitoring, such as COVID-19, NewSight offers investors huge potential rewards.”

ACH is helping NewSight to raise the pre-IPO investment on very attractive terms, after which the Company will consider a public listing on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange or other financing alternatives.

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About Newsight Imaging

Newsight Imaging Ltd develops advanced CMOS image sensor chips for 3D machine vision and spectral analysis. The company has 14 US and EU patents, was named “Cool Vendor” in the Nobel sensors category by Gartner and has received 3 grants by the Israeli Innovation Authority.

Newsight’s depth camera sensors for machine vision serve verticals such as Mobile, Robotics, Industry 4.0, Automotive Safety and Surveillance. Its unique eTOF™️ technology enhances the short distance iTOF and provides accurate depth sensing for longer distances, even outdoors. In addition, Newsight developed a spectral chip backed by AI technology, demonstrated in the SpectraLIT™️. The SpectraLIT™️ offers a unique and affordable solution for remote healthcare, real time diagnosis and quality inspection solutions for water, food & beverage, and more.

Written by Isabella Chan from ACH Worldwide Ltd

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