How EnerCool Technology can help prevent the Global Energy Crisis

The 2021 Energy Crisis

Recent shortage of coal and gas in China for power generation causes many factories to shut down in several northern provinces, affecting residential life and severely disrupting industrial production. Traffic lights have been turned off during rush hour. Cities suffer from blackouts over the weekend. Traffic chaos occurs in many parts of China. This crisis is expected to last till the end of the winter. There are two causes to this power crisis. Some provinces have imposed power restriction policies to cut industrial electricity supply in order to meet carbon emission targets. Natural resources prices have been climbing up for more than a year. Other provinces, particularly the northern part, are running out of coal and natural gas for power generation.

Air Conditioning is a Major Source of Energy Use

To tackle the energy crisis, reducing power consumption from air-conditioning in industrial, commercial and residential use is an important solution. In fact, air conditioning has emerged as a major source of energy use in many countries. Based on the report from the International Energy Agency (IEA), the issue is particularly sensitive in the fastest-growing nations, with the biggest increase happening in hot countries like India — where the share of AC in peak electricity load could reach 45% in 2050, up from 10% today without action (1).

Source: Statista (4)

The Business Opportunity

The global Industrial Energy Efficiency Service market is expected to grow to US$ 2.09 billion from 2020 to 2024 with a CAGR of 4.02% (5). The major energy consuming equipment include air-conditioning systems, refrigeration, lighting, electric motor-driven systems, etc.

Energy Saving solution of EnerCool Ideal for GBA deployment

EnerCool is a subsidiary of Urban Gateway Energy, a Hong Kong based Private Equity group that is ESG driven and are reimagining the urban environment to meaningfully contribute to our planet’s sustainable future. EnerCool offers energy saving technology for air-cooled commercial and industrial air conditioning and refrigeration systems in the GBA.

EnerCoat increases cooling efficiency and extents life of air-conditioning system

Meeting ESG requirements for listed companies

Up to now, 60 stock exchanges globally have published ESG reporting guidance to regulate their listed companies (6). Hong Kong, as the financial centre of GBA, imposes increasingly stringent ESG disclosure requirements for listed companies.​​ Starting in 2020, Hong Kong listed companies must publish ESG reports starting from fiscal year 1st JUL 2020 according to the updated HKEX ESG guideline.

EnerCool strengthens building energy efficiency
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