HKUIT: The Pinnacle Of AI-Driven Social Impact

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3 min readSep 8, 2023

Written By: Dr. Amanda Lim, Leonardo Liu

In today’s dynamic tech landscape, the University of Hong Kong’s illustrious alumni have crafted something extraordinary: the Hong Kong Univisual Intelligent Technology (HKUIT). This innovative venture synergizes rigorous academic insights with entrepreneurial spirit, positioning HKUIT as the vanguard of AI’s transformative social impact.

BEST-AMOS: Sculpting the Future of AI Solutions

At the heart of HKUIT’s technological wizardry is their flagship innovation: the Behaviour Ergonomics Smart Technology & AI Motion Capture, Detection & Prediction System (Branded as BEST-AMOS). This pioneering system seamlessly marries avant-garde technology with a deep-seated commitment to societal enhancement. Guided by the tenets of Social Safety, Social Sustainability, and Social Healthiness, BEST-AMOS stands as a beacon of technology-driven societal enrichment. Its applications are as varied as they are profound:

CHILDCARE: By partnering with esteemed organisations like the Hong Chi Children Home and the HK Society for the Protection of Children, BEST-AMOS elevates child safety standards, guarding our most precious assets.

SECURITY: In collaboration with the Hong Kong Police Force, BEST-AMOS refines CCTV image analysis to pinpoint and neutralise threats. Its efficacy was showcased during the 25th HKSAR Establishment Ceremony.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Demonstrating its adaptability, Sun Hung Kai Properties has seamlessly woven BEST-AMOS into the International Commercial Centre’s security fabric.

MEDICAL SUPERVISION: By allying with MTR and prominent hospitals, BEST-AMOS extends a protective shield over vulnerable individuals, ensuring their well-being.

SPORTS AND FITNESS: Under BEST-AMOS’s aegis, the Robocoach app has been welcomed by over 80 schools, marking its indelible stamp in sports education.

A Market Poised for Transformation

While HKUIT’s innovations speak for themselves, the potential market landscape is equally tantalising. The global motion capturing industry, valued at a significant USD 164.03 million in 2022, is on an upward trajectory. Predicted to grow at a CAGR of 14.9%, it’s eyeing a valuation of USD 377.38 million by 2028. These figures spotlight the colossal opportunity ripe for pioneers like HKUIT.

Excellence Echoed in Accolades

A journey steeped in innovation, HKUIT’s path has been illuminated by continuous accolades. Their repository, boasting of honours like the Hong Kong ICT and the resplendent Geneva Invention Gold Award, is a testament to their relentless pursuit of excellence.

Navigating Towards a Luminous Horizon

With the ever-shifting paradigms of technology, HKUIT, anchored by its esteemed foundation and visionary ethos, is destined to spearhead change. For potential investors, partners, and tech enthusiasts, this is not merely a venture opportunity but an invitation to partake in a transformative odyssey. An odyssey where the zenith of AI serves humanity, crafting a future enriched with innovation and amplified social impact.