Forging Paths in Audit and Carbon Management: Normsun and Xeptagon Partnership

ACH Worldwide Ltd
2 min readMar 26, 2024


Written by Dr Amanda Lim

Hong Kong, March 22, 2024 — Normsun Advisory Services Limited, a distinguished member of Allinial Global, and Xeptagon, a pioneering startup in carbon credit management, joined forces in a momentous partnership signing ceremony held both online in the Metaverse and onsite at Cyberport Hong Kong. The event, which took place on March 22, 2024, at 11:00 AM HKT, marked a significant milestone in advancing carbon credit initiatives and sustainability efforts within the region and beyond.

Dr. Amanda Lim, representing Normsun, warmly welcomed Dr. Sapumal Ahangama, representing Xeptagon, to Hong Kong for the signing ceremony. Dr. Lim expressed her gratitude to Dr. Ahangama for his presence and congratulated Xeptagon on its inclusion in the prestigious Cyberport Incubation Program. She highlighted the exceptional nature of startups admitted to the program and invited Dr. Ahangama to share insights into Xeptagon’s innovative solutions and the significance of joining the Cyberport ecosystem.

In response, Dr. Ahangama conveyed Xeptagon’s enthusiasm for joining Cyberport and its commitment to deploying carbon credit solutions in Hong Kong and beyond through partnering with Normsun corporate advisory team. He expressed Xeptagon’s ambition to make a meaningful impact on the global stage, leveraging the support and resources provided by the Cyberport Incubation Program.

The conversation between Dr. Lim and Dr. Ahangama further delved into the importance of carbon credit initiatives and the challenges faced by auditing and financial firms in navigating this complex landscape. Dr. Lim emphasised Normsun’s dedication to advancing carbon credit initiatives to benefit its clientele together with Allinial Global partners, while Dr. Ahangama underscored the significance of transparency in carbon credit transactions and the role of innovative partnerships in ensuring credibility and efficacy.

The partnership between Normsun and Xeptagon signifies a collaborative effort to drive sustainability within corporate landscapes by offering auditing services, corporate advisory services through SOLAR, and innovative carbon credit management solutions. By combining expertise in auditing, financial services, and technology, the two entities aim to streamline carbon credit transactions and propel sustainability initiatives towards success.

The signing ceremony concluded with both parties expressing their excitement about the possibilities that this partnership holds, marking a significant step forward in advancing carbon management and sustainability efforts.

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