COVID-19 has Proven to us that Remote Healthcare is More than Ever Needed!

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4 min readJun 28, 2021

The outbreak of COVID-19 has exposed and highlighted the urgent need for both remote and in-home medical healthcare. Millions of patients are classified as high risk and the number of people requiring ongoing medical care has increased dramatically. Internet of Things (IoT) technology is key to providing effective and ongoing care for outpatients in the dignity of their homes. Medical centers simply can’t accommodate the huge need for hospitalization.

The telehealth market will rise astoundingly for the coming years with huge needs for remote care

The awareness of doing social distancing to reduce the risk of transmission, even between patient and doctor, has led to a 64% rise in telehealth demand in 2020. (Source) It is now estimated that the global telehealth market is sized at more than $61 billion dollars and projected to grow nearly 10-fold towards $560 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 25%. (Source)

There are companies diving into this space and developing remote care solutions, with a few known companies coming from the United States, such as VSee, Validic, and TytoCare.

A technology company is turning to provide a complete solution for remote patient monitoring

A pioneering developer of IoT software, SURE Universal Ltd is in the space to deliver device interoperability, data security, and user privacy for effective remote patient monitoring through its two solutions — SURE IoT Platform and SURE Medical Kit. (Source) SURE’s technology can significantly widen the bandwidth of the medical personnel who are currently under enormous pressure to provide timely and efficient care for their patients.

SURE’s software platform is a complete software IoT standard compliant solution. It includes a mobile IoT gateway, a healthcare user app, a private cloud, and a medical cloud portal. This solution is compliant with all the leading international IoT standards. This enables a simple to deploy a flexible platform while ensuring maximum interoperability and data security. Since the platform is standard compliant, it is able to integrate with any off-the-shelf medical device that has WiFi, Bluetooth, or USB connectivity.

SURE’s medical kit includes a tablet and a variety of off-the-shelf medical devices for both one-time and continuous measurements. The readings can be made available to family members as well as to trained medical personnel.

AI is being used for remote healthcare and in predicting disease outcomes

Artificial intelligence properties are included in SURE’s platform to help guide medical staff. It has even successfully diagnosed a silent arrhythmia in one of its employees. AI is currently being used to develop features to predict COVID-19 and potentially other medical disorders too. The Company’s founders are Ray Stata who is also the founder and chairman of Analog devices (the largest chipmaker in the world) and Viktor Ariel the CEO and founder. Both have impressive track records in innovation and bringing their product to market.

Currently, SURE has developed partnerships with PCCW, one of the largest telecom operators in the world. This collaboration includes a pilot with a leading Hong Kong hospital. SURE has also partnered with HBK Department of Projects, a UAE-based firm connecting SURE to the Arab world and other Asian markets. Moreover, a partnership was formed with Tmobile from the USA for an off-the-shelf family care solution, with the offer available on the Tmobile website. The offer includes a one-time hardware cost on which they make a very small profit plus a monthly subscription fee which they share with their partner. SURE’s business model is based on revenue sharing on the software component of their offering. The company is currently engaged in pilots at leading medical centers in Israel and Hong Kong.

Future doctor recommendations would be improved by AI-based insights

Remote patient monitoring would be an enormous help by assisting medical professionals during and beyond the healthcare crisis we are facing. It is, however, important to find promising companies that can also provide services that are comprehensive and highly secure for us patients. We should also look forward to the arrival of AI in healthcare as it is capable of detecting sudden and unexpected changes in our vital signs, like our heart rates and blood oxygen levels, and then giving smart alarms to alert medical professionals within critical timing.

A complete and secure remote healthcare provider would be the promise we have long been waiting for after all that has happened to our lives because of COVID-19.

Written by Olivier Samson, Dr. Amanda Lim, and Ms. Florence Ip

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