Congratulations to the 2024 ABCD-GITEX HK Delegation Award Winners!

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5 min readJul 10, 2024


The Association of Blockchain Development (ABCD) congratulates the winners of the prestigious ABCD-Gitex Hong Kong Delegation Awards. These awards honour companies that have demonstrated exceptional innovation, leadership, and impact in technology. Let’s introduce the winners and understand why they are recognized by their their respective awards.

ESG Leader Award: Allied Environmental Consultants Limited

Website: Allied Environmental Consultants Limited

Founded in 1994, Allied Environmental Consultants Limited (AEC) is a pioneering sustainability and environmental consulting firm based in Hong Kong. With over 30 years of experience, AEC excels in green and healthy building certification, environmental consultancy, and sustainable design. Their commitment to transforming the environment and communities positively has earned them numerous accolades. The ESG Leader Award recognizes AEC’s dedication to providing independent and professional advice, shaping a sustainable future, and leading the industry in green finance and smart IoT solutions.

Tech Innovation Award: Greatmeta Ltd

Website: Greatmeta Ltd

Greatmeta Ltd is revolutionising the future of office with their innovative AI Colleagues. Combining exceptional AI expertise with professional domain knowledge, Greatmeta creates dynamic virtual entities that enhance productivity and efficiency. Their flagship product, AI Colleagues, allows adaptable virtual assistants in various roles, from ChatBots to robotic assistants. The Tech Innovation Award celebrates Greatmeta’s success in merging advanced technologies with human collaboration, transforming work environments and setting a new standard for innovation in AI.

Best AI Tech Award: Hong Kong Univisual Intelligent Technology Limited

Website: HKUIT

Hong Kong Univisual Intelligent Technology Limited (HKUIT) is at the forefront of providing AI solutions tailored for smart city development and security enhancement. Their expertise in computer vision AI, large language models, and specialised functionalities helps cities optimise operations, improve safety, and enhance public services. The Best AI Tech Award acknowledges HKUIT’s significant contributions to smart city initiatives, where their AI-powered solutions are driving efficiency, ensuring safety, and delivering immediate value to communities and urban environments.

Best Conversational AI Assistant Award: ImBee Ltd

Website: imbee

ImBee harnesses the power of conversational AI to revolutionise business communication, ensuring seamless, efficient, and personalised digital interactions. Their state-of-the-art LLM-based Digital Avatar Kiosk, ideally situated in malls or modern spaces, enhances customer experience with personalised avatar creation, multilingual AI concierge, seamless indoor navigation, and AI-driven marketing. ImBee’s AI-powered Chat Management Software transforms customer communication by integrating all messaging channels into a single, streamlined platform, featuring a unified communication inbox, workflow automation, conversational sales and marketing, and robust security measures. Supporting interactions across multiple channels such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Line, and Web Chat, imBee ensures efficient and secure communication. The Best Conversational AI Assistant Award recognizes imBee’s innovative approach to AI, empowering businesses to communicate more effectively and efficiently.

Innovative EdTech Award: Lango Innovation Ltd.

Website: Lango Innovation Ltd.

Lango Innovation Ltd. offers an AI-driven mobile app that enhances English learning for primary school students. By combining gamification with scenario-based storytelling, Lango provides personalised feedback on pronunciation, fluency, and accuracy. Already adopted by 70 schools across Asia, Lango’s innovative approach is shaping young learners’ English skills. The Innovative EdTech Award celebrates Lango’s commitment to creating engaging and effective educational experiences through advanced technology.

Global HRtech Award: Slasify

Website: Slasify

Slasify is an Asian-leading HRtech solutions provider specialising in global and local payroll, Employer of Record (EOR), and integrated HR software solutions. Established in 2016, Slasify excels in streamlining complex cross-border employment processes, ensuring seamless operations in 150+ countries. The Global HRtech Award recognizes Slasify’s dedication to facilitating effective communication in international business contexts, providing outstanding convenience, flexibility, and professional compliance.

Global AgriTech Award: Top Fruits Supply (HK) Limited

Website: Top Fruits Supply (HK) Limited

Top Fruits Supply (HK) Limited, based in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia, is renowned for its modern and smart cultivation on durians farming and processing of upstream to downstream products. Emphasising their technological edge, Top Fruits integrates advanced agritech solutions such as weather and wind stations, rain sensors, soil moisture sensors, and a comprehensive soil monitoring system. They also utilise drone spraying, farm safety and security systems, and an efficient farm management system to ensure optimal agricultural practices. Additionally, their state-of-the-art R&D centre continuously innovates to enhance crop quality and yield. The Global AgriTech Award honours Top Fruits’ commitment to excellence in agriculture and their innovative approach to maintaining the freshness and quality of their tropical fruits through cutting-edge technology.

Impact Tech Award: Xeptagon HK Limited

Website: Xeptagon HK Limited

Xeptagon HK Limited specialises in Climate Finance, Fintech, and R&D software development, with a strong focus on comprehensive carbon credit life cycle management. Their innovative software solutions cover all aspects of carbon trading, from carbon credit issuance and management to real-time trading and energy optimization. Xeptagon’s advanced Carbon Exchange platform supports various trading activities, ensuring efficient and transparent carbon credit transactions. The Impact Tech Award recognizes Xeptagon’s contribution to environmental sustainability through their robust and state-of-the-art carbon credit management systems, which help clients achieve significant results in reducing carbon footprints and promoting green practices globally.

Sustainable Metal Recycling Innovation Award: Achelous Pure Metals

Website: Achelous Pure Metals

Achelous specializes in circularity in lithium-ion battery and critical metals from waste. As part of the HK Science and Technology Park Acceleration Program, they offer innovative, eco-friendly, and cost-effective solutions for recycling and refining precious metals from urban sources like E-waste, Li-Batteries, wastewater, and slag. Their technology cuts carbon emissions by up to 30% and prevents pollution from mining virgin materials. They serve industries such as rare-earth metal refineries, electroplating plants, metal slag recycling facilities, lithium-ion battery manufacturers, and electronic product companies. The Sustainable Metal Recycling Innovation Award celebrates Achelous Pure Metals’ success in providing eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions for recycling precious metals from urban waste, significantly reducing carbon emissions and setting a new standard for sustainability in the industry.

Climate Tech Startup Award: Star Affinity

Website: Star Affinity

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Star Affinity Ventures Limited is a pioneering technology company focused on combating the global climate crisis. They develop innovative solutions to efficiently capture and repurpose atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2), promoting a circular carbon economy. Their proprietary CIONEX technology uses a modified ion-exchange process to capture CO2 in a cost-effective and eco-friendly way. The captured CO2 is converted into valuable resources like green building materials and soil enrichment products. The scalable CIONEX system is available in both home and commercial versions. The home version improves indoor air quality, enhancing sleep quality, while the commercial version can be used in various settings such as classrooms, factories, and shopping malls. To ensure transparency, Star Affinity integrates blockchain technology into CIONEX systems for secure carbon credit tracking. By combining innovative technology, a circular economy approach, and a focus on human well-being, Star Affinity Ventures Limited is leading the way towards a sustainable future with efficient carbon capture and repurposing. The Climate Tech Award celebrates Star Affinity Ventures Limited’s innovative solutions in capturing and repurposing atmospheric CO2, setting a new standard for sustainability and promoting a circular carbon economy.

We celebrate the achievements of these exceptional companies and look forward to their continued success and contributions to the technology industry.

Congratulations once again to all the winners!