Congratulates AI InnoBio on being a Cyberport Incubation Programme startup

ACH Worldwide Limited would like to congratulate AI InnoBio Limited (AIIB) on the acceptance by the Cyberport Incubation Programme as one of their incubatees in recognition of its innovation and business potential. AIIB, under the leadership of Dr. George So, introduces the world to AIIB Spectral Device ™️. When combined with machine learning and Big Data, can perform fast diagnostic tests of COVID-19.

AI InnoBio will leverage the resources of Cyberport to develop further practical applications of the device beyond pathogenic mass screening, such as monitoring water quality and food safety. The ultimate goal is to build a remote diagnostic ecosystem catering on the AIIB Spectral Device ™️.

ACH Worldwide Limited is proud to work with AIIB and Dr. George So to bring the technology to the Asia Pacific and wishes AIIB future success.

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