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About ACH Worldwide Ltd

We facilitate our clients to adopt Agile and Creative methods for value creation and reaching a new Horizon of success! We are a group of professional talents with PhD, CPA, CFA or LLB qualifications and proven corporate consultancy experience. Our professional and quality S-O-L-A-R Services: S=Starting>> Business Starter: Business Reengineering, Company restructuring & CFO Operation Support O=Operating >> STARS COO & CFO Operation Support (S-T-A-R-S: S=SAAS; T=Just in Time; A=Accurate Data; R=Realistic Forecast; S=Smart Decisions) L=Learning >> Workshops of Digital Transformation, Business valuation, Brand / Market Strategies, etc. A=Advising >> > Market Research & Analysis, Brand & Marketing Strategies, Business Valuation, Financial Analysis & Due diligence R=Raising >> Fundraising: Fundraising and Deal flow support We drive “Value Creation for rising stars”! We help A-C-H-F-E-S rising stars in the digital economy to unleash their values by capturing the amazing growth opportunities in the market. (Digital Economy high growth rising stars’ sectors: A= Automotive / Aerospace / Agri-tech; C=Chips (semiconductor) / Construction / Communication / Crypto ; H=Healthcare (Life Science); F=Fintech; E=Ecommerce/ Ecosystem (platform)/ EcoTech ; S=Smart City) 》 We facilitate our clients to adopt Agile and Creative methods for defining their uniqueness and value differentiation. 》 We help our clients to think beyond their learning Horizon for business value creation. 》 We let our clients innovate and unleash their unknown potential for sustainable competitiveness 》 We create opportunities for our clients to collaborate and create synergies with valuable industry resources for their business success. Homepage: http://www.ach-worldwide.come. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/achworldwide

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